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Update Time Series Application Module TSMT

Introduction The latest Time Series MT (TSMT) 3.1.0 is now available for release. If you own TSMT 3.0 the update is available for free. This minor update adds a new option to use the cross-product covariance computation for some estimation routines and includes some bug fixes. Change Log New feature: Add cross-product covariance computation option [...]

GAUSS Package Manager Basics

Introduction The GAUSS Package Manager, first introduced in version 20, allows you to download, install and uninstall GAUSS packages without leaving GAUSS. It supports the paid GAUSS Application Modules, free GAUSS packages and even allows you to create custom packages and channels. This post will guide you through the basics needed to install and uninstall [...]

GAUSS 20 Initial Release

Download and install packages in one step Get working faster with quicker access to pre-built GAUSS packages. Download, install and update GAUSS packages without ever leaving GAUSS. Supports paid GAUSS Application Modules and new free GAUSS packages! Download from Aptech channels or create and share private packages across your organization. Questions? Get an answer from [...]

The Current Working Directory: What you need to know

Introduction Whether you are new to GAUSS, or have been around for a while, today's blog will have something for you. We'll answer the questions: What is the current working directory in GAUSS? How can I find my working directory? How can I change my working directory? Then we'll show you how some common GAUSS [...]

GAUSS Basics 6: Logical and relational operators

Learn how to use the logical and relational operators in GAUSS. These operators include: and, not, or, xor, less-than, less-than or equal, greater-than, greater-than or equal, equal You will also see these operators used to select specific rows of a matrix with logical indexing. Next: GAUSS Basics 7: Conditional statements Previous: GAUSS Basics 5: Element-by-element [...]
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