GAUSS 22 brings many substantial new features that will save you hours of time and frustration with everyday tasks like:

  • Data exploration
  • Data cleaning and management
  • Graphics

See some of the ways that GAUSS 22 will help you make the most of your limited research time below!

Intelligent Graph Attributes

  • Specify variables to plot by name with convenient formula strings.
  • Automatic, intelligent use of variable names and category labels.
  • Split data using the new 'by' keyword.
  • Never overwrites your settings.

Highlight Important Parts of Your Data

  • Specify locations with simple date strings, category labels, numbers, or popular datasets.

  • Add spanning bars and lines with one line of code.

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Simple Data Filtering with Strings and Dates

  • Reference dates, category labels, and variable names.
  • Use greater than and less than comparisons with ordinal data.

Easily Generate New Variables

  • Create categorical variables from string arrays.
  • Automatically convert simple date strings to real date variables.
  • Simple new functions and interactive controls to rename and change types.
  • Function for combining, splitting, and manipulating strings now support string, categorical and date variables.

Clean Messy Data

  • Fix typos and misentries.
  • Consolidate categories.
  • Identify and remove outliers.
  • Identify and remove duplicate observations.

Aggregate by String, Category or Date

  • Options for how to handle missing values.

Simple Data Merge

  • Load and combine data from CSV, Excel, SAS, Stata, SPSS.


GAUSS 22 has more new features and bug fixes than any previous version. For a complete list of what's new, see the changelog.

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