Easy and Fast Data Management in GAUSS 21


The new dataframes and interactive data management in GAUSS 21 will make your work more enjoyable and save you hours of time.

New GAUSS dataframes make data easy to read...

...and make code and results clearer

>> // Load data
>> lending = loadd("lending.csv");
>> // Estimate in one line
>> call olsmt(lending, "int_rate ~ .");

Variable                     Estimate      Error   t-value 

CONSTANT                       11.988     1.298      9.235 
term: 60_months                 3.987    0.6446      6.184 
annual_inc                 -0.0092475  0.005473     -1.689 
purpose: credit_card         -0.12827     1.320   -0.09714 
         renewable_energy     -1.9637     4.229    -0.4643 
         small_business        3.9262     1.799      2.182 
         vacation             -0.7038     1.809    -0.3890

Customize your date display

Reference your data by name

// Index by variable name
auto = auto[., "mpg" "rep78"];

// Select if position is center
nba = selif(nba, nba[., "Pos"] .$== "C");

// Set base category
yarn = setBaseCat(yarn, "low","yarn_length");

See your data your way with GAUSS dataframes

>> print lending[1:5,.];
        int_rate             date          purpose
       12.620000       2014-12-14      credit_card
       9.4400000       2014-05-18             auto
       10.420000       2014-02-01          medical
       15.050000       2014-04-05      credit_card
       9.9300000       2014-05-17      credit_card 
Missing value support.
Simpler data cleaning.
Categorical, date, string and numeric data.
Clear data view and reporting.
Reference by name or traditional matrix indexing.
Compatible with matrices and older code and application modules.
Programmatic and interactive support:
  • Category base case, labels and order.
  • Date display format.

Easy and fast interactive data management

Interactive data import

One-click import and preview.
Select and rename variables.
CSV, Excel, SAS, Stata, SPSS files.
Live preview.
Automatic code generation.
Manage categories.
Specify values to import as missing.

View, rename, and reorder categorical variables

Intuitive interactive controls to:
  • Set the base case.
  • Rename labels.
  • Set category order.

Import dates in any format

Non-standard date formats are no problem.
  • Auto-detects 30 formats.
  • Specify any custom format.
  • Any characters.
  • Any order.

Interactive data filter

Simple dropdown options.
Handles missing data.
Create multiple filters.
Live preview.
Automatic code generation.
Intuitive date filtering.
Available for data before and after loading.

Find out how much time GAUSS 21 can save you!

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