Start License Manager

Start the license manager

Open a command prompt/terminal window and go to the directory where GAUSS and the RLM executable file are installed. Run the following command to start the service:


This will launch the license manager; you should see several lines of output, including something like:

(rlm) Web server starting on port 5054
(rlm) Using TCP/IP port 5053
(rlm) Starting ISV servers:
(rlm) …aptech on port #####
(aptech) RLM License Server Version 8.0BL6 for ISV “aptech”
(aptech) Settings from RLM Version…

and eventually

(aptech) License files:
(aptech) temporary.lic
(aptech) gauss.lic

Verify that GAUSS will start on the license server

Test that GAUSS is installed correctly and the license manager is working by starting GAUSS on the server. Check to see what license type/license ID GAUSS is using by clicking on Help -> About GAUSS.

Using a floating network license
If GAUSS is using the temporary license that ships with it, you will see a license ID that is all zeroes. If it is using the permanent license, it will be a 10-digit number that starts with 1.

Set up RLM as a Windows Service

To set up RLM as a Windows service, follow the instructions here.

To set up RLM as a system service on Linux that starts automatically at system boot time, see the RLM End User Manual here  for an example of a script for that purpose.

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