GAUSS 17 Available
Improved Data Handling

  • Option to specify models and data in terms of model
  • Compute and estimate CSV, XLSX and HDF5 data directly.
  • Support for HDF5 datasets provides:
    • Unlimited dataset size
    • Fast data read and write
    • Supported as native GAUSS file type
    • Portable to all operating systems and many
      software packages
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GAUSS 17 Available
New Graphics Functionality

  • Support for LaTeX in titles, legends, axis labels and
    text boxes
  • plotAddErrorBar: Create XY plots with user specified
    symmetrical or asymmetrical error bars
  • plotAddSurface: Adds a surface or plane to an existing
    surface plot
  • plotCDFEmpirical: Plots the empirical
    distribution function of an input vector
    or vectors
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GAUSS 17 Available
New Mathematical Functions & Speedups

  • cdfEmpirical: Computes the empirical cumulative
    distribution function
  • ldl: Computes and returns the ā€˜Lā€™ and ā€˜Dā€™ factors from
    a symmetric matrix
  • And more: powerm, sylvester, rndWishartInv, pdfWishartInv, dot
  • Speedups to the following: X'X, sortc, unique, uniquesa,
    Kronecker product, crossprd, cdffc, reclassify.
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GAUSS 17 Available
Unlock MPI with GAUSS HPCC

  • Built-in, efficient cluster computing support
  • Create high-level GAUSS programs that use the fast,
    low-level MPI library
  • Compatible with Hadoop
  • Connect to NoSQL and Big Data databases
  • Support for streaming or online algorithms for data
    that does not fit entirely in memory.
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