Common floating network license problems

Common floating network problems

Wrong hostname in license file

The hostname in your license file must match the hostname of the computer on which you run the Reprise license manager. If not, the rlm.exe executable will print out a warning message indicating that the hostnames to not match:

Wrong hostname error message

and GAUSS will not be able to checkout a license from this license server. In the image above, the warning message indicates that the hostname of the computer is felix. However, printing out the license file with the Windows type command shows that the license file lists the hostname as other-PC.

Finding the hostname in your license file

To resolve this problem, you may manually change the hostname in the license file. However, be sure to use an editor that does not add any hidden characters such as Notepad or Notepad++. Microsoft Word and other document creation programs add hidden characters for formatting that will invalidate the license.

Wrong hostid in license file

The hostid in the floating network license must match the hostid of the license server machine. If the hostid does not match, you will see output like this:

Wrong hostid output

This will happen if the wrong hostid was included with the license request. In this case send a new license request with the correct hostid for your machine. The correct hostid is listed in the error message after we are: as seen highlighted in yellow above. This error will also come up if you try to start the Reprise license manager, rlm.exe, on one of the client machines. The Reprise license manager only needs to run on one computer, which you designate as the license server.

Another RLM process is already running

If another rlm.exe process is already running, you will get an error message that looks like this:

Port in use

You will need to stop that process before you can successfully start a new one.
- Windows: End the rlm.exe process in the Windows Task Manager.
- LINUX or MAC: Use the applicable commands in a terminal window to stop the rlm process.

Can't start a new RLM Service

If you can't start an RLM Windows Service, you may need to start a terminal windows (Windows Command Prompt) with administrator privileges. Do the following steps:

- Click on the Windows Start button
- The Windows Command Prompt can be found under All Programs/Accessories
- Right click on the Command Prompt icon
- Select 'Run as Administrator'

Client Computer: Error Code: 491 GAUSS Failed to Start

If you receive the following error message on the Client computer, it means that the Client Computer is not able to communicate with the License Server:

GAUSS failed to start
Error Code: 491
License manager error: Communications error with license server (-17)
Connection refused at server (-111)

This may be due to a firewall that is blocking connection, including a Windows firewall that may have inadvertently been turned on. Please see Working with Firewalls for detailed instructions on configuring your Client computer license file.