Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

For professionals in data-driven disciplines from finance to physics, GAUSS has long been the go-to source for specialized models, techniques and applications. However, GAUSS is also a comprehensive environment that gives you everything you need to develop, adapt, execute and generate publication quality graphics for virtually any problem or project.

GAUSS is ideal for rapid prototyping as well as complete implementation of a wide range of scientific and business models. All functions and programs can be altered by the user and easily integrated with C/C++, Java, FORTRAN and other environments.

Learn more about the specific strengths GAUSS offers these diverse industries:


  • Efficient data organization, management, and publication quality presentation.
  • Functions are easily adaptable to fit individual model specifications, making it an ideal program for univariate, multivariate, panel series, cross-sectional, and time-series analysis.
  • Includes a quick and reliable maximum likelihood routine.
  • Provides pre-programmed classical regression analysis tools with the framework necessary for implementing modern regression techniques including time-varying parameters, Markov-Switching models, Bayesian analysis, and DSGE models.
  • Computation of large datasets and complex models can be done quickly. This, combined with tools for process automation, documentation, and presentation, allow for efficient econometric analysis.



  • GAUSS is equipped with pre-programmed routines for implementing binomial options pricing model to both European and American call and put options.
  • The available GAUSS Fanpac application provides built in commands for complete modeling and analysis of standard finance univariate and multivariate models.
  • Fanpac includes easy to use keyword commands for analyzing the complete family of ARIMA, ARCH, GARCH, and IGARCH models.
  • Documentation and visualization of model results is clear, thorough, and easy to interpret and share.
  • GAUSS is capable of efficiently handling large datasets and provides tools for easy data management making it suitable for high frequency data.
  • The combined GAUSS finance procedures along with keyword functions make the platform appropriate for easy updating of results, while simultaneously meeting the needs of specialized models.



  • GAUSS offers a complete set of tools for data organization, analysis, and presentation. Survey data, cross-sectional data, and large panel data can easily be easily managed using a number of conditional data selection and sorting tools.
  • GAUSS is equipped to efficiently conduct statistical inference, correlation and regression analysis, and categorical, multivariate, time-series, and survival analysis.
  • GAUSS’s standard data analysis can be enhanced with the available Descriptive Statistics MT application which includes methods for analyzing and generating contingency tables.
  • Regression analysis is made easy with available suites of pre-programmed discrete choice and panel series regression tools.


Engineering / Physics

  • GAUSS performs high efficiency modeling and simulation of complex systems of equations using structures, threading, and parallel computing.
  • GAUSS provides a complete set of tools for standard and advanced applications of numerical analysis, applied linear algebra, initial and boundary value problems, Fourier analysis, and optimization.
  • Optimization MT application implements wide selection of descent algorithms, step-length methods, and "on-the-fly" algorithm switching. User controlled options allow for model specificity and optimization flexibility.


Social Science

  • GAUSS offers a complete set of tools for data organization, analysis, and presentation. Survey data, cross-sectional data, and large panel data can easily be easily managed using a number of conditional data selection and sorting tools.
  • Regression analysis is made easy with an available full suite of pre-programmed discrete choice regression tools.
  • The Time Series MT application includes techniques for panel series modeling including fixed effects models and random effects models.
  • GAUSS’s matrix language combined with its efficient computation methodology makes large scale data analysis and modeling fast and easy to update.


GAUSS in Education

The ideal environment for learning – and leading the way.

"GAUSS, with its interactive programming platform, results in students who are better equipped to explain the theory behind their work, developing and strengthening their analytical skills for future projects"

GAUSS provides students and researchers with the high-end analytical tools needed to solve the complex problems they’ll face in both academic and professional careers.

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GAUSS: Advantages in education

  • Interactivity: The highly interactive user interface of GAUSS provides a fully-featured environment with top of the line graphics. This makes it easy to interact with data and models and provides immediate feedback along every step of algorithm development.