Running as a Windows Service

Running the license manager as a Windows Service

The RLM software that comes with GAUSS provides an administrative portal which provides convenient controls for most of the tasks related to the license manager.

Start the Reprise License Manager Administration Portal

The RLM executable must be running in order to access the license manager portal. If you do not already have RLM running, start it from a command prompt window.

Next, open a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).  Direct your browser to:

(replace with the actual IP address of your license server or with localhost if you are running these instructions from the license server.) If you do not know the ip address of your computer, enter the ipconfig command from a Windows command prompt.

This will bring up the RLM web server interface that will allow you to manage the license manager service. The web server interface is only available after RLM has been started as indicated above.

The RLM web server will look something like this:

Set up the license manager Windows Service

On the left is a button that says Manage Windows Service. Click that button; you should now see something like this:

Select INSTALL service; adjust the paths if needed to reflect how you have your system set up. Click Apply to install rlm (the default name) as a Windows service. This will make rlm (or whatever you have named it) a service that can be started automatically, but it does not start the service yet; you should see a message like this:

Click Continue, then you can close the browser window.

Start the service

Bring up the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools -> Services.

Look for the service you just installed, rlm or the name you chose (the list can be alphabetized by name by clicking on the Name heading if needed) and select it.

You should now see an option on the left to Start the service. Look in the column Status; it should  say Started, and under Startup Type it should say Automatic. If it does not, right mouse click the service and select Properties; you can change the startup type to Automatic on the General tab.

Now you should be able to exit out of everything, close the command prompt window where you had RLM running, and still start up GAUSS.

To stop an extra Windows Service, please do the following:

-On the Reprise License Server Admin Webpage: click on "Manage Windows Service" on the left menu bar.

-Then in the center of the page under "Service Definition", you will see a dropdown menu for "Server Action".

-Your options will be either "INSTALL service" or "REMOVE service".

More detailed information on the license manager used in GAUSS is available here.


If you receive the error message "Service install failed. Error: Access to Service Control Manager denied", your Reprise license manager proces (rlm.exe) does not have adequate permissions to create a Windows Service on your system.

To resolve this issue, please do the following:
- Stop the Reprise license manager (rlm.exe) in your Task Manager.
- Go to your Start menu or Accessories folder and locate the Command Prompt icon.
- Right click the Command Prompt icon with your mouse and select "Run as Administrator".
- Restart the RLM by typing: rlm
- Follow the above instructions on this page to set up the RLM as a Windows Service