Set up the RLM as a Windows Service

Setting up a New Windows Service: GAUSS 17+

Due to changes in RLM v12, the web administrative portal is no longer available. Please do the following for GAUSS versions 17+:

  1. Open a command-prompt as administrator (cmd.exe right-click 'Run As Administrator')
  2. Type:
    cd c:\gauss18
  3. Run the rlm with specific arguments to create the service
    a. Basic Setup: Includes the minimum required options.

    rlm -install_service -service_name gsrlm -display_name "GAUSS 18 License Service" -dlog +c:\gauss18\rlmd.log
    • The service_name "gsrlm" and display_name "GAUSS 18 License Service" can be anything you would like to call them.
    • You can add '-nows' if you do not want to enable the web server for example.
    b. Service for a Specific User: If the service is going to running under a specific user you can supply the -user and -password arguments.

    rlm -install_service -service_name gsrlm -display_name "GAUSS 18 License Service" -dlog +c:\gauss18\rlmd.log -user gauss -password xyz1234
    c. Delete Service: To delete the service just run:

    rlm -delete_service -service_name gsrlm
  4. The following options are below:
    usage: rlm [-c ] [-dat]
               [-dlog [+]] [-info] [-l] [-noudp]
               [-nows | -ws ] [-x [rlmdown|rlmremove]] [-v]
               [-install_service] [-delete_service] [-service_name ]
               [-display_name ]
               [-user -password ]
               [-isv_startup_delay ]

Setting up a New Windows Service: GAUSS v11-16

The RLM software that comes with GAUSS provides an administrative portal which provides convenient controls for most of the tasks related to the license manager. To set up a new RLM service, please do the following:

  1. Start the Reprise License Manager Administration Portal
    Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and Enter:

    a. Replace with the actual IP address of your server

    b. If you are on the machine that is running rlm.exe, you can replace the ip address with the term 'localhost', such as:  http://localhost:5054

    c. The web server interface is only available after RLM has been started as indicated above under 'Start the rlm'.

    d. The RLM web server will look something like this:

  2. Set up the License Manager Windows Service a. On the left is a button that says Manage Windows Service. Click that button; you should now see something like this:

    b. Select INSTALL Service and enter a new, different name than the existing service such as rlm_gauss16. Make sure the path points to the folder where you have installed GAUSS 16 and the RLM executable.

    c. Click Apply to install the new RLM service as a Windows service. This will make it a service that can be started automatically, but it does not start the service yet; you should see a message like this:

    d. Click Continue, then you can close the browser window.

  3. Start the Windows Service

    a. Bring up the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools -> Services.

    b. Look for the new service you just installed (the list can be alphabetized by name by clicking on the Name heading if needed) and select it. It is called 'rlm'.
    c. You should now see an option on the left to Start the service.
    • Look in the column Status; it should now say Started.
    • Under Startup Type it should say Automatic.
    • If it does not, right mouse click the service and select Properties.
    • You can change the startup type to Automatic on the General tab.
    d. Bring up the web server interface and REMOVE the old service from the same screen where you installed the new service, editing the service name and paths to reflect the old service.

    e. If you wish to keep the old service for some reason, you will need to go into Administrative Tools -> Services and set only one of the RLM services to start automatically; the other will need to be set to manual to avoid conflicts with the two services.

  4. Start GAUSS from the desktop icon
    If you receive this message: "Service install failed. Error: Access to Service Control Manager denied", it means that your Reprise license manager process (rlm.exe) does not have adequate permissions to create a Windows Service on your system.To resolve this issue, please do the following:
    • Stop the Reprise license manager (rlm.exe) in your Task Manager.
    • Go to your Start menu or Accessories folder and locate the Command Prompt icon.
    • Right click the Command Prompt icon with your mouse and select "Run as Administrator".
    • Restart the RLM by typing: rlm
    • Start GAUSS from the desktop icon.

To Stop an Extra/Previous Windows Service

On the Reprise License Server Admin Portal:
  1. Click on "Manage Windows Service" on the left menu bar
  2. Under "Service Definition", you will see a drop-down menu for "Server Action"
  3. Your options will be either "INSTALL service" or "REMOVE service"
  4. Select "REMOVE service"


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