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What you need to know about #include

If you have run much publicly available GAUSS code, you have probably come across the `#include` command. In this blog, we answer some important questions about #include:
  1. What does `#include` do?
  2. What is the most common error when using `#include`?
  3. How can I resolve the most common error?
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Make your code portable: Data paths

In this blog, we explore data path best practices for making GAUSS code more portable and replicable. Using variables and predefined GAUSS path definitions, we show how to simplify code and easily customize data loading.
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Make your time series computations up to 20 times faster

The key to getting the most performance from a matrix language is to vectorize your code as much as possible. Vectorized code performs operations on large sections of matrices and vectors in a single operation, rather than looping over the elements one-by-one. In this blog, we learn how to use the GAUSS recserar function to vectorize code and simulate a time series AR(1) model.
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