GAUSS Basics 6: Logical and relational operators

Learn how to use the logical and relational operators in GAUSS. These operators include:

  • and, not, or, xor, less-than, less-than or equal, greater-than, greater-than or equal, equal

You will also see these operators used to select specific rows of a matrix with logical indexing.


0:00 Introduction.
0:21 Logical operations.
2:15 Relational operations.
3:59 Application: Selecting rows.

The GAUSS Basics Video Series

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  3. GAUSS Basics 3: Introduction to matrices
  4. GAUSS Basics 4: Matrix operations
  5. GAUSS Basics 5: Element-by-element conformability
  6. GAUSS Basics 7: Conditional Statements
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