GAUSS Basics 3: Introduction to matrices


This third video in our GAUSS Basics series will show you how to:

  1. Create matrices.
  2. Find their size.
  3. Access specific elements with indexing.
  4. Grow them with matrix concatenation.


0:00 Matrix declarations.
1:40 Matrix Indexing.
2:48 Matrix Concatenation.

The GAUSS Basics Video Series

  1. GAUSS Basics: Interactive commands
  2. GAUSS Basics 2: Running a program
  3. GAUSS Basics 4: Matrix operations
  4. GAUSS Basics 5: Element-by-element conformability
  5. GAUSS Basics 6: Logical and relational operators
  6. GAUSS Basics 7: Conditional Statements
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