Greek Letters with subscripts

I need to set Greek letters with subscript to the title and the legend of a graph. Can anyone help me?
These are the commands of interest:
title(" ??? ");
ylabel(" ??? ");
xlabel(" ??? ");

4 Answers


Take a look at this user forum question. Also, you will want to use plotSetTitle instead of title, plotSetYLabel instead of ylabel, etc.


Thank you for your reply. However, I have an earlier version of GAUSS (version10), and I think that the plotSet commands are not available. Can we do something in such a case?


That is too bad. The new graphics are much, much easier to use and also look nicer as well. The way that the old PQG graphics work is that you need to specify your fonts with the font, something like:

fonts("simplex simgrma");

The font 'simgrma' has the Greek characters in it. Then in your text string, you specify which font to use by adding '\201' to use the first font or '\202' to use the second font. The special characters are also escaped values. beta is '\98' and alpha is '\97'. For example to create α + β, you would do this:

//Make two fonts available
fonts("simplex simgrma");

//Set title
title("\202\97 \201+ \202\98");

Superscripts are inside of square brackets [], while subscripts are inside backwards square brackets ][. So to make α + β1 + 32, would look like this:

//Make two fonts available
fonts("simplex simgrma");

//Set title
title("\202\97 \201+ \202\98\201]1[ + 3[2]");

Thank you very much, this was very useful. I am aware about the new quality graphics of new versions of GAUSS and I plan to acquire an newer version, in the near future.
Many thanks,

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