how to input a greek symbol with subscript into x/y label?


how can I input the greek symbol tau with a subscript b into a x or y label? I tried the follwing code, but it doesn't work (it doesn't give me what I want):

fonts("simplex complex microb sigrma");

plotSetXLabel(&myPlot, "\204\106\201]b[", "Century New", 20, "black");

in latex: t_{b}



I appreciate your help, thanks

3 Answers


sorry: fonts("simplex complex microb simgrma");


plotSetXLabel (and the other plotSet functions) can display HTML. This link will show how to represent various Greek letters and mathematical symbols in HTML.

A subscript is created by surrounding the text with sub tags. For example to label the X-axis β1, you would enter:

label = "<html>&beta;<sub>1</sub></html>";
plotSetXLabel(&myPlot, label);

If you need to add a superscript character you would replace the sub tag with a sup tag. It is usually pretty quick and easy to find answers to html with an internet search, but feel free to post any questions that come up on this forum.


now it works. thank you very much for your help.


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