G0064 : Operand missing and G0008 : Syntax error

Hi I am trying to run a GAUSS program file, but it gives me an error saying for same line:

G0064 : Operand missing

G0008 : Syntax error

The code on that line is:


Can someone please help me fix the error?

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qz is now a GAUSS built-in function, so you will need to use find-and-replace to change all uses of qz to something else. I would recommend qz_.


Thank you very much. I have solved the problem on "qz" issue, but I got a new error as below:

Error in xlsWriteM: Could not load file


The code on that line locates xls.src is:

errorlogat "Error in xlsWriteM: "$+retXlsErr(__convertXlsErrCode(err), file);


Could you help me fix the error?


This is likely occurring because you are trying to load a data file and GAUSS cannot locate that file in any directory it is looking in.

There are a few blogs and tutorials that may help with this issue:

  1. "The Current Working Directory, What You Need to Know" will help explain how GAUSS decides what directories to search in when looking for files.
  2. "SRC_PATH tutorial"
  3. "Make Your Code More Portable: Data Paths" explains best practices for setting your data paths.

Hope this helps.

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