G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'coint_ghansen' [coint_ghansen.e, line 35]

What is the cause of the following error?
And how is it solved?

G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'coint_ghansen' [coint_ghansen.e, line 35]

1 Answer


This error message occurs because GAUSS is unable to locate the procedure name coint_ghansen which is part of the TSPDLIB library.

If GAUSS is unable to find this procedure it is likely occurring because:

  1. The library is not properly installed. Directions for installation can be found on the README on the TSPDLIB repository page.
  2. The library is not properly loaded.

Our blog "Using GAUSS Packages [Complete Guide]" is a great reference for getting started with GAUSS packages (like TSPDLIB).

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