difference between GAUSS and GAUSS Engine?

What is the difference between GAUSS and GAUSS Engine? Is Engine a enhanced version of GAUSS?


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The GAUSS Engine comes with everything you get with the standard GAUSS platform, but in addition, you get a shared library and some API's for other languages. So the GAUSS Engine allows you to call GAUSS programs from a web-application, or another program written in C/C++/C+/Java/PHP or Python.

For a simple example take a look at this Structural Break Simulator. At a basic level, it works like this:

  1. Any changes from the slider bars are sent to the GAUSS Engine (with a one-second delay).
  2. The GAUSS Engine runs a previously created GAUSS program which:
    • Runs the simulation for the times before the break and after the break.
    • Creates a graph and converts it to PNG.
  3. Then the GAUSS Engine sends the PNG graph back to the web-page where it is displayed.

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