Colour gradient in surface plot

I've got some pretty surface plots but the shading in them automatically fades from dark blue to red as we move up the z axis.  How can I change those colours or get rid of that shading altogether?

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From the main GAUSS menu, select Tools->Preferences->Graphics. From there you should see the surface plot preferences. You can change the default colors and also add or subtract colors if you would like. If you have any trouble with this, post the specific version of GAUSS that you are using and we can give more specific instructions.


Thanks, but I did look in there and could find no setting to remove the shading.  The only sign of any colours at all is under the Group tabs and it doesn't seem that they can be edited.  I'm using Kernel Rev. 12.1.3 build 2708, if that helps.


Any further thoughts on this, aptech?  I'm still stuck with being unable to remove or edit the colour gradient.Thanks.


It appears that in version 13.1 was when the Preferences setting was added to allow you to edit and control the colors of Surface plots. (shown here)

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