GAUSS 13.1 New Features

GAUSS 13.1 is a free upgrade for anyone with a valid GAUSS 13 license. It provides new features and bug fixes. Below are some of the new features.

New time series plotting functions

  • Easily control x-tic label location and formatting.
  • Supports monthly, quarterly and annual data.
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Time series plots in GAUSS 13.1

GAUSS contour plots

Contour plots in GAUSS 13.1

Contour plots integrated with new graphics

  • Interactive control over colors and number of levels
  • Export to multiple file types
  • Add text boxes, lines and arrows

Contour and Surface Plot Color Control

  • Control the number of colors
  • Drag-and-drop to change color order

Easy to use contour and surface plot color settings

Two views into one program file

  • Live updates in both views
  • Retains all features of editor
Two views into the same file

Two views into one program file

Structure autocomplete

Structure autocomplete in GAUSS 13.1

Improved structure support

  • No longer need to #include structure definition files for structures in a library.

    GAUSS provided structures come in a library. Add your structure definitions to a library with a couple of clicks.

  • Autocomplete for structure members.

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