Carrion-i-Silvestre (2009) - Yapısal kırılmalarla birim kök testleri

Carrion-i-Silvestre (2009) - How should I load data in unit root test code with structural breaks? (for time series)

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It would be helpful to have more information to answer this question. Without information about the code you are using, it is difficult to determine how you should be loading your data.

I do have a few resources you may find helpful:

  1. If you are not already, you should be using the code available in the Carrionlib library which can be installed using either the GAUSS package manager or the Applications Installation Wizard. The library contains examples that demonstrate how to load data.
  2. For information specifically on loading data, I suggest reviewing our Data Loading tutorials. I would start with the Loading Variables from a File tutorial.
  3. For information specifically on running publicly available code, we have two excellent video tutorials
    1. Running Publicly Available GAUSS Code: Pt. 1
    2. Running Publicly Available GAUSS Code: Pt. 2



I am working on a paper and would like to use Carrion-i-Silvestre(2009) multiple structure unit root test for time series. But, i dont have a proper codes for the test. I have a Gauss 21 for Student edition and if you share the codes with me, i will be appreciated.  Also, if you have any video or any text that explain  step by step how to load and run the model, please add it for me. Thank you very much/

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