Can I turn off the plotting of Gauss Kernel Density?

I want the data from the Kernel Density function to use later.

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Thank you for your question. At this time there isn't support for turning off the kernel density plot. We will note this for future development, though.

Please note that the kernel density data can be stored for later use using the kernelDensityResults structure.

For example:

** Example One:
** Basic usage

// Load data
fname = getGAUSSHome $+ "examples/winevolatileacidity.csv";
data = loadd(fname);

// Call kernelDensity function
// with default normal density
struct kernelDensityResults krslt1;
krslt1 = kernelDensity(data[., "volatile acidity"]);

// Extract y
y_kde =;

// Extract X
x_kde = krslt1.px;

You can find more information about the kernelDensityResults results structure in the online documentation.


Hi Stephen,

One quick note - if you would like to manually turn off the kernel density plot, you can do so in the kerneldensity.src file. To do this, comment out line 241, as shown below.

        // Plot the densities
//        _plotKernel(kplt, names, ivar, px, py);

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