How to Load Excel Data into GAUSS


Data loading is often the first step in your data analysis. In this video, you'll learn how to save time and avoid data loading errors when working with Excel files.

Our video demonstration shows just how quick and easy it can be to load time series, categorical and numeric variables from Excel files into GAUSS.

Interactively preview and load variables

See how to use the GAUSS Data Import window to interactively:

  • Load basic Excel data.
  • Load data from different Excel sheets.
  • Specify variables to load.
  • Specify dataframe names.

Use autogenerated code to reproduce your steps.

The Data Import window auto-generates code to perform all the import and filter steps. We show you how to put this code into a program and run the file to repeat your data loading steps.

Data Exploration and Cleaning

GAUSS provides an easy-to-use environment for data exploration and cleaning. In this video, we'll demonstrate how to:

  • Perform descriptive statistics.
  • Change variable names.
  • Specify values, such as-999, as missing values
  • Change categorical labels.
  • Set the category base case.

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