Install GAUSS for Windows

Run the installer

The first step is to run the GAUSS installer:
  1. Browse to the location where the GAUSS installer was downloaded (usually your Downloads folder).
  2. The downloaded file should be named either or
  3. Double-click on the zip file and you should see the GAUSS Windows Installer File (*.msi file).
  4. Double-click on this file to begin the installation. Follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation.
  5. During the installation process, there is a box that says "Install for Everyone". Please check that box.

GAUSS 19 must be installed in a location in which the user has read and write privileges, typically c:\gauss19. Right mouse click on the GAUSS installer file and select 'Run as Administrator' to ensure proper permissions.

Request your GAUSS License

GAUSS v18 & Prior

At the end of the installation process, if you do not already have a myhostid.txt file on your machine, notepad will open a file named myhostid.txt.

myhostid.txt file
To request your GAUSS license, fill out this form. The final line of myhostid.txt contains the hostid of your computer which you will need for your license request. If you have already closed Notepad or text editor, you will find the myhostid.txt file in your GAUSS installation directory (e.g., c:\gauss18). If the hostid number is blank, click here.

GAUSS v19+

GAUSS version 19 and above uses a License Activation Key for activation. Start up GAUSS 19+ and follow the prompts to enter one of the License Activation Keys you have been previously provided into the GAUSS License Activation Window. If you do not have a GAUSS License Activation Key, fill out this form.

Floating Network License-Installation

Continue with these instructions.

Single User License Installation

Install your GAUSS License

  • GAUSS 18 & Prior

    1. When you receive your GAUSS License File, simply place the File in the directory in which GAUSS is installed. Ensure that you retain the *.lic file extension. The default location is: C:\gauss18 (or whatever version you are installing).
    2. Start GAUSS by either clicking on the desktop icon, or the start menu short-cut.
      GAUSS Application Start Icon

      Click this icon to start GAUSS

  • GAUSS 19+

    1. Start GAUSS by either clicking on the desktop icon, or the start menu short-cut.
      GAUSS Application Start Icon

      Click this icon to start GAUSS

    2. Enter the applicable License Activation Key (e.g., Primary, Home, or one of your PPSM Laptop licenses) that you have been provided into the License Activation Window and follow the prompts.

      License Activation

Verify Your License

To confirm that your license file is installed correctly:
  1. Start GAUSS
  2. From from the main GAUSS program menu bar, select: Help->About GAUSS.
About GAUSS window Note: The License Type field About GAUSS screen will tell you if you are running a Single User or Floating Network and it will provide you with a numeric License ID number or the 16 digit GAUSS License Key that you are using for a specified installation.

Installation on Multiple Stand-alone Computers (Lab/Site)

Install GAUSS 19 in Silent Mode

To install GAUSS in Silent Mode, you should be able to use the /quiet or /qn options with msiexec to perform a silent install. MSI packages export public properties, which you can set with the PROPERTY=value syntax on the end of the msiexec parameters. You can read the options for msiexec by just running it with no options from Start -> Run. Here is a link that you might find helpful:

The GAUSS executable file (e.g., GAUSSx64.exe, GEx64.exe, etc.) supports these flags:
  1. full UI: /qf (this is the default parameter used by the package)
  2. reduced UI: /qr (the user interface does not show any wizard dialogs)
  3. basic UI: /qb, /passive (only a progress bar will be shown during the installation)
  4. no UI: /qn, /quiet (no UI will be showed during the installation)

To disable the automatic opening of the myhostID.txt file

To disable the automatic opening of the myhostid.txt file, you will need to FIRST create a script to: 1) make the gauss19 folder on each computer and 2) place an empty myhostid.txt file in the gauss19 folder. By having the myhostid.txt file in place, it makes the pop-up window not appear on install. Then do the silent install.

License Files

If you are installing GAUSS on multiple stand-alone computers, Aptech can create one license file that will work on each of your lab/site computers. This should simplify the licensing process. Copy and paste each computer's hostid number into a single txt file and submit it with your License File Request.


For further assistance, please click Troubleshooting: Common License Issues

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