Install GAUSS for macOS

Run the installer

  1. Open Finder and browse to the location where the GAUSS installer was downloaded.
  2. Extract the file and run the GAUSS installer (.pkg).
  3. Follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation.

Request your GAUSS License

GAUSS v19+

If you do not have a GAUSS License Activation Key, fill out this form.

GAUSS v18 & Prior

During the installation process, a file called hostid.txt will be created in your /Users/myName/gauss## folder where ## represents your GAUSS version number.

The final line of this file contains the HostID of your computer which will be needed when you fill out the form to request your license.

rlmhostid v12.1
Copyright (C) 2006-2016, Reprise Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

Hostid of this machine: 1903481dab4d 41700193cfd0 499201000ef0

If the HostID number is blank, click here.

Floating Network License-Installation

Activation with GAUSS License Key (GAUSS 23+)

If you have received a GAUSS License Key, see for more instructions.

GAUSS 22 and lower

Fill out this form to request your License File.

Single User License Installation


Start GAUSS by either clicking the GAUSS icon in the Dock or double-clicking the GAUSS icon in the /Applications folder.

Enter the applicable License Activation Key into the License Activation Window and follow the prompts.

License Activation

GAUSS 18 & Prior

Place your GAUSS License File in the /Users/myName/gauss## folder (where ## represents your GAUSS version). Ensure that you retain the .lic file extension.

Start GAUSS by either clicking the GAUSS icon in the Dock or double-clicking the GAUSS icon in the /Applications folder.

Verify Your License

To confirm that your license file is installed correctly:

  1. Start GAUSS.
  2. From from the main GAUSS menu bar, select Help > About GAUSS. About GAUSS window
  3. Check to see that your License Type is NOT Demo.


For further assistance, please click Troubleshooting: Common License Issues

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