Speed ups and new functions

Speed ups

New Functionality

  • QZ decomposition with options to sort the eigenvalues (qz)
  • Hypergeometric CDF, PDF and random number generation (cdfHyperGeo, pdfHyperGeo, rndHyperGeo).
  • Binomial PDF and Poisson PDF (pdfBinomial, pdfPoisson).
  • Option to sort eigenvalues of generalized schur decomposition (qz).
  • More powerful and easy to use integration function, using adaptive quadrature (integrate1d).
  • Function to set axes line color and thickness (plotSetAxesPen).
  • Option to specify range of random integers created by rndi.
  • Option to specify delimiter for strsplit.
  • Data sampling function, (sampleData).
  • Data scaling function, (rescale).
  • New functions for reclassifying data based upon a match (string or numeric) or a range, (reclassify, reclassifyCuts).
  • Generalized linear model (glm).
  • Much improved, faster and simpler to use functions for reading CSV and other delimited text files (csvReadM, csvReadSA).

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