New in GAUSS 16

GAUSS Data Import Dialog

Improved data import

  • Intuitive data import wizard for CSV and Excel® files.
  • New fast and easy to use functions for loading CSV data.

Simpler data preparation

New suite of tools for:
  • Reclassifying and recoding numeric and string data
  • Data scaling with 8 built-in methods.


Fast and efficient data sampling functions

  • Useful for bootstrapping, cross-validation and simulation

Generalized Linear Model

  • Model binary, count and continuous responses.
  • Simple to use
  • Full statistical report
Binomial plot

Simplified code in GAUSS 16

Same functionality, but much shorter code on right

Simplified function calls

  • Pass in only the arguments you need to specify.
  • Control structures optional and no more require DS structures.
  • Easily pass in extra data to integration and optimization functions.

Function speed-ups, enhancements and other new functions

  • Singular value decomposition up to 20x faster!
  • Hypergeometric CDF, PDF and RNG
  • Binomial and Poisson PDF
  • Complex QZ decomposition with options to sort the eigenvalues
GAUSS speed up's bar plot

User interface and other enhancements

  • Syntax highlighting and brace-matching in program input/output window
  • Debugger page supports file editing, 'find usages' and full editor functionality
  • Improved file associations on macOS
  • Bug fixes

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