Where is my GAUSS home directory on Mac?

Where is my GAUSS home directory on Mac?

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Location of the GAUSS home directory

On the Mac, your GAUSS home directory will be in: /Users/<YourUserName>/gauss<version>. The information inside of angle brackets will change based upon your specific situation. For example, if your user name is Tom and you are using GAUSS 19, then your GAUSS home directory on Mac would be:


Users new to Mac should note that the Mac uses forward slashes / instead of backward slashes \ for path separators.

Locating the GAUSS home directory in the Mac Finder

To locate your GAUSS home directory in the Mac Finder, you will first need to locate your home directory. Versions of macOS after Lion have taken the Mac home directory away from the main Finder window.

To navigate to your GAUSS home directory in these later versions of macOS:

  1. From the Finder main application menu (which will be at the top of the screen, not attached directly to the finder), select Go > Home to bring up your Mac home directory.
  2. Now from your Mac home directory, you should see a folder called gauss19 (the last two digits will match your GAUSS version number). Double-click on the gauss19 folder to open your GAUSS home folder.

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