Where are the results?

I'm very new to Gauss, so excuse my ignorance, since I used to work on Matlab
I have a code to run on a variable, but I can't know where the results, so any help please,

** Procedure DDFT_FFT
** Computes Discrete to Discrete Fourier Transform.
** Uses Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm. Sample size may be changed (powers of 2).
** n : sample size
** srs : time series (n x 1)
** a : 1/n sum x(t) cos (w(i) t) for w(i) = 2 pi i/n and i=0,...,n-1 (real part)
** b : -1/n sum x(t) sin (w(i) t) for w(i) = 2 pi i/n and i=0,...,n-1 (imag part)

proc (2) = DDFT_FFT(srs);
    local a,b,a2,b2,kwsom,test,n1,y;



1 Answer


If you just ran that code snippet that you posted, there will not be any results. That code just defines a GAUSS procedure. A GAUSS procedure is a GAUSS function that can be called. Before you have any results, you will need to:

  1. Load or create some data
  2. Call some functions or use operators on the data

For example, this code will produce no output

proc (1) = double(x);
    x = 2 * x;

But this program will assign values to b and print the result to the screen

//Create a column vector
a = { 1, 2, 3 };

//apply the 'double' procedure
b = double(a);

//print the output
print b;

proc (1) = double(x);
    x = 2 * x;

Take a look at the Tutorials page. And if you run these commands

examples_dir = getGAUSSHome()$+"examples";
print "You can find GAUSS examples in the "$+examples_dir$+" directory on your computer";
print "the example files will end with a .e file extension";

GAUSS will tell you where to find some example files to run.

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