What does the function ameoba and powell do?

I am new to Gauss and trying to learn coding by looking at other programs. I came across two functions "AMOEBA" and "POWELL" but I dont understand what they are doing. Are these standard operators or functions? I could not finc them in the manuals. Any help is greatly appreciated.


stp1=.1; ftol=1e-4; maxsec=36000; maxit=1000;
let vars=1 2 3;
varname[1]="b 0"; varname[2]="b 1"; varname[3]="b 2";
"number of nodes:";; n;
pcoef0=strtval1; " STARTING VALUES ";
omat=(vn (pcoef0[1:np]));
mask=0 1; let fmt[2,3]="-*.*s" 10 8 "*.*lf " 14 4 ;
call printfm(omat,mask,fmt);
output off;

output on; format /m1/rd 12,5;
omat=(vn (pcoef1[1:np]));
call printfm(omat,mask,fmt);
"Function value :";;pcoef1[rows(pcoef1)-1];
"Iterations: ";;pcoef1[rows(pcoef1)];
format /m1/rd 7,3;
output off;

1 Answer


I believe AMOEBA and POWELL are user created GAUSS functions. If you can run this code, then you have the procedure definitions and we can help you figure out what they do.

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