What does return code 34 mean?

I am running GAUSS 12, and I was having trouble getting it to run the examples as I kept getting error messages about not finding some of the files in the default directory that GAUSS was looking in.  I managed to get around that (I made copies of all example, lib, and src files in all three of those directories, so that they all have the same files) but now I am getting a message that it cannot load the data from the examples.  The data files are there in the example directory.

I also can't figure out how to actually open a dataset to view it -- if I could open it in GAUSS then at least I would know that the file format isn't the issue, or that it is something like with STATA where data from across versions may need to be converted up or down.

The example I am trying to run is maxlik1.


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In that maxlik example, return code 34 means that the datafile could not be found. It also prints a message to the error output window that states which file could not be opened.

To run the example files that load a dataset you need to change your working directory to the examples directory. The default location of this folder on windows is C:\gauss12\examples. You can change your working directory by either:

1. Entering:

>> chdir examples

from the command line.

2. Using the working directory toolbar widget at the top center of the main GAUSS window. You can press the button next to the dropdown menu to browse to any location on your computer.

This should be the only change you need to make to run maxlik1.e.


To your second question, you can load a GAUSS dataset with the 'loadd' command. In this example, the file that you want to load is called tobit.dat. You can load it into a matrix like this:

x = loadd("tobit.dat");

or if it is in a different directory, you can use the full path on the file name like this:

x = loadd("C:\\gauss12\\tobit.dat");

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