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New to GAUSS and I'm trying to replicate Hansen 1992 results (minded I'm evaluating GAUSS via a demo"

"Testing for parameter instability in linear models." Journal of Policy Modeling (1992). [Download].

The program runs but for some reason fails to graph. Specifically, it states Variable not initialized and points an error to this line:

xy (seqa(firstob,inc,rf),f~crit);

any help is appreciated. Thanks.



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my apology, this is the right program/file link.

"Tests for parameter instability in regressions with I(1) Processes." Journal of Business and Economic Statistics (1992). [Download].


I just ran the FM.PRG file from that code. When I first ran it, I got these errors

G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'title' [FM.PRG, line 103]
G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'xlabel' [FM.PRG, line 104]
G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'ylabel' [FM.PRG, line 105]
G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'xy' [FM.PRG, line 116]

These were caused because the pgraph library was not loaded. I added the statement:

library pgraph;

Then it ran without any problem. To try and diagnose which of the variables are having a problem. You can add these statements on the line above the one which is reporting the error:

print "firstob = " firstob;
print "int = " inc;
print "rf = " rf;
print "f = " f;
print "crit = " crit;

Most likely you will get an error on one of the print lines which will tell you which variable was not initialized.


Thank you for your quick response and your help. I will check in the morning. and will post back.



Sorry to bother you with this again. I added the pgraph library and ran the program. It now prints the F test values but still does not graph. I included your statements and now it again gives the variable not initialized error for:  xy (seqa(firstob,inc,rf), f~crit);



Let's try adding


before the library pgraph statement. That will clear your GAUSS workspace. Then add one more diagnostic line. Place all of these lines in the code snippet below, before the line that is giving you the error, then report:

  • EXACTLY what you see printed out.
  • The line numbers of these statements.
  • The line number reported in the error.
print "firstob = " firstob;
print "inc = " inc;
print "rf = " rf;
print "f = " f;
print "crit = " crit;


Thanks. Tried that and now I'm not receiving any errors but no graphs either.

This maybe at my end. Since the code you ran executed all, do you mind posting it so I can compare it to mine. Thanks again.


Just got it to work. Error at my end. Your help is highly appreciated.

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