Variable names in answer

I want to do some matrix operations with the following matrix_1 and got the answer as matrix_2, without headings. can anyone help me to print my answer matrix with the column and row headings as matrix_1. this is a simple example and i am waiting for the way to read row and column headings from the data file to write those headings in my answer file.

Sectors Ind_1 Ind_2 Ind_3 Total
Prod_1 100 5 5 110
Prod_2 20 270 10 300
Prod_3 10 20 220 250
Total 130 295 235

1.28 70.79 2.93 35
19.62 80.58 19.8 180
7.79 31.06 71.15 140
81.31 117.57 156.12 0

1 Answer


What type of file is your data in (GAUSS dataset .dat; Excel file .xls, .xlsx; ASCII, etc)?

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