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I would like to create a single dataset that I could apply to all my programs.

First, I created a dataset with all the variables defined, and at the end defined the variable matrix and variable names.

I saved this as a separate dataset, and at the beginning of each program, I used this dataset.

Then I wrote the model I would like to use.

However, an error occurs indicating that the variable matrix and variable names are not defined, which I did in the first dataset program.

Instead of defining the variables each time, I would like an intermediate file so that the program is more simple.

Thank you very much for your help.

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I can think of a few different ways to do this. Am I correct to believe that:

  1. There is only one dataset that will be created once at the start of the project and never modified.
  2. There will be many (or at least more than one) programs in this project that will use this dataset?

Finally, will the variable names be needed in any of the programs that use this dataset? For example, will you sometimes be loading only certain variables from the dataset?


Thank you very much for the reply and I am sorry for not being precise with my question.

Yes, there will be one dataset at the start that will be used for other programs later on.

For the first dataset, I defined all the variables, variable matrix, and variable names that will be used in the projects. This did not give any error.

However, when I try to use this dataset at the start of other programs, setting

input = data/variables


create ht=vars with ^variablenames, cst, 8, 1;

I get an error:

G0117: Invalid argument 'variablenames'.

I don't understand why this happens, because I already defined all the variable names in the first dataset.

Thank you!


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