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Hi there,

I have a piece of code I'm trying to reuse, but I'm running into some issues. The old code is like this:

load Main_data[1000, 25] = C:/Data/My_Data/data_input.csv;

Notice that the command above doesn't need quotation marks to find the file.

Now, however, my new data is in another folder in my computer, a path that has a SPACE in the name. How can I use the load command with this space in the path?

I've tried to do this:

load Main_data[1000,25] = "C:/Data/New Folder/new_data.csv";

But it doesn't work. GAUSS just hangs. It's also worth noting that I've already adjusted the expected matrix size and removed the headers from the CSV files. I've also taken care to remove any rows and/or columns that might have text or missing values in them.

Does anyone know what I can do here?


1 Answer


I would recommend that you do not use the load command for CSV data. The load command should only be used for GAUSS matrix files (.fmt).

You should use either csvReadM, or the loadd command.

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