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I use a computer set up with the Danish language. In my GAUSS programs I use the special Danish letters for documentation, but not for variable names. I use the GAUSS editor, but I also like to use UltraEdit now and then, because there are more facilities like block-mode etc. However, when files with Danish letters created in Ultra Edit are opened and saved in GAUSS the special Danish letters are lost and converted into strange characters or symbols. The code still works but the documentation becomes ugly to look at.

My question is, can I set up my computer (or GAUSS) in any way to be able to work with files without loosing the special Danish letters.

In 4-digit ASCII code they are

0230, 0198    æ, Æ

0229, 0197    å, Å

0248, 0216    ø, Ø


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Have you ensured that UltraEdit and GAUSS are using the same encodings?

Since those characters are available in the UTF-8 character set, check that "Tools -> Preferences -> Source -> Use UTF-8" is checked.

If this is selected you should UltraEdit preferences to ensure the character encoding it uses while saving is also UTF-8.


Thanks a lot for the answer. I tested it some more and it seems that

* if UTF8 is enabled in GAUSS a file is written using these special characters and then saved and reopened in Ultraedit there is no problem. Ultraedit will change it to 16 bit Unicode and save it Again in 8 bit code.

* if a file is written in Ultraedit (16 bit Unicode) using these special characters and then saved and reopened in GAUSS with UTF8 enabled, the problem arises. The special characters are changed into odd symbols.

* if UTF8 is not enabled there do not seem to be any problems. GAUSS will now accept the special characters in a 16 bit unicode file from Ultraedit.

Will I miss any feature in GAUSS if UTF8 is not enabled?


If UTF8 is not enabled in GAUSS then it reverts to the local 8-bit system encoding. In your case this will be Danish.

Not using UTF8 in GAUSS will not affect functionality unless editing files that contain UTF8 characters (outside of the Danish locale) or using those characters in graph labels for example (though you can represent characters in graph labels as HTML entities which will render correctly).

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