Using a string vector as legend string of a graph


I am trying to make a function to plot some objects. For that, I am creating the string names with the objects that I want to have.

string string_names={"SG1" "SG2" "SG3" };

when comes to the legend string of a graph and I do this:

string legend_string = string_names;

There is a mistake ( I have tried using the symbols $,^, but nothing works).

The following command does the job:

string legend_string = {"SG1" "SG2" "SG3" };

How can I do something like this:

string legend_string = string_names;

Thank you

2 Answers


Assigning a string array

I suspect that this is the problem that you are having:

string string_names={"SG1" "SG2" "SG3" };
string legend_string = string_names;


print string_names

returns what you expect:

             SG1              SG2              SG3 

However, this:

print legend_string;

returns the following which you do not expect:


The solution is this:

legend_string = string_names;
print legend_string;

which will return:

SG1              SG2              SG3 

The string keyword tells GAUSS to interpret the data on the right-hand side of the assign statement as literal text. For example:

// For example purposes, not recommended for use
string x = alpha beta gamma;
print x;

will return


I think your intuition of trying string legend_string = ^string_names; was good. However, the string keyword is only for creating a new string. Once you have a string variable, you can use it just like any other GAUSS variable.


Great! Thanks!!!

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