unzip and install applications

When I download applications from the Aptech site, I get the question save or open.  The file is a zip file.  Do I unzip and download to my C:\Gauss12 site.

If I have GAUSS 12 running is anything else required when I install, for example, Optmum?

I am running Windows 7 on one machine and Windows 8 on another machine.

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You should save the zip file. For versions before GAUSS 13, you then need to extract the zip file contents into your GAUSSHOME directory. Here is a link with instructions.

GAUSS 13 and newer have an application install wizard to simplify the installation of GAUSS application modules. Instructions for installing GAUSS application modules with the application installer can be found here.

You do not need anything other than the basic GAUSS package to install the GAUSS application modules.

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