Undefined symbols: _opmtime

I get this error,

Undefined symbols:
_opmtime C:\gausslt13\src\optmum.src(252)

where the optmum.src line 252

{ x,f0,g,retcode,Lopfhess,Lopitdta } = optmum(fnct,x0, . . . .

What is happening?and what your solution?

Many Thanks

1 Answer


_opmtime is a global symbol that is declared in the file optmum.dec. This file should be included in the Optmum library file and so _opmtime should be defined when you make the Optmum library active with the statement:

library optmum;

Likely Optmum was not installed correctly. Try running one of the example files (opt1.e, opt2.e) and see if they run successfully on your machine.

NOTE: Some of these example files load datasets that should be in your GAUSShome/examples directory (usually C:\gauss13\examples or /Users/yourName/gauss13/examples). So you need to set your GAUSS working directory to the examples directory. You can do this with the command chdir or using the working directory widget at the top of the user interface.

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