Error G0025 : Undefined symbols: log_lik


I'm using Gauss 10 and have this error

Undefined symbols:

of this line of my code


I also tried modifying it to &loglik but it didn't work, also I have loaded library co.

Could you please help fix this?


2 Answers


If the procedure is saved separately from the main file and not added to a library, Gauss can't find it. If it's in the main file, Gauss should be able to find it. And check the spelling. But someone from Aptech will surely give you a better reply...


The first input to the CO procedure is a pointer to a user written procedure. You need to write a procedure to calculate the log-likelihood. You can name it whatever you like. It does not have to be named log_lik, or loglik or anything in particular.

Most commonly, the log-likelihood procedure is defined inside of the same file that contains the call to CO. If the log-likelihood procedure is defined in the same file, it should be found unless you have the "Auto delete" preference setting turned off. (Tools->Preferences->Advanced in GAUSS 15).

Alternatively, GAUSS will be able to find your procedure if it is included in a GAUSS library and that GAUSS library has been loaded or if you place the procedure in a file with the same name as the procedure in a file with a .g extension in your GAUSS working directory.

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