Error Undefined symbol: _optmum

I'm trying to run Optmum:

{xout, fout, gout, cout, aout, bout} = optmum(&lik_fcn, PRMTR_IN);

However, GAUSS is giving me an error:

Undefined symbols:
_optmum /Users/alexhubbard/gauss13/src/optmum.src(264)

Where optmum.src line 264 is:

{ x,f0,g,retcode,Lopfhess,Lopitdta } = _optmum(fnct,x0,...

I could try changing it to

optmum(fnct,xo, ... 

but I figure that would cause more issues since I didn't write the file.  Why is this happening?

1 Answer


The procedure _optmum is an internal procedure used only by the application, it is not one that you would call directly. I think that either the Optmum package was not installed correctly, or you are just missing something simple from your program.

Test your installation

To test your installation, run one of the Optmum example files. Look in your GAUSS home examples directory (C:\gauss13\examples or /Users/yourName/gauss13/examples) for a file with a name like opt1.e. All shipping GAUSS examples end with a .e extension.

  1. Open this example file in GAUSS
  2. Change your working directory to the GAUSS examples directory (you can use the working directory toolbar widget on the main application toolbar to accomplish this).
  3. Run the example file

If this file runs successfully, then your installation is successful and you are probably missing something small from your program, like the statement library optmum; at the top.

Correctly installing Optmum

To install Optmum, use the GAUSS 13 application installer. From the main menu bar, select Tools->Install Application. This will bring up a simple install wizard to guide you through the install. When it asks you for the file to install you are looking for something with a name like Ignore the Win in the name, it will work just the same on Mac/Linux.

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