Undefined structure G0507 : 'plotControl myPlot'


I don’t understand why I cannot run in my GAUSS 13 the example provided in the help system:

//Declare the structure
struct plotControl myPlot;

//Initialize the structure
myplot = plotGetDefaults("xy");

//Create a column vector from -3 to 3 with a step size of 0.1
x = seqa(-3, 0.1, 60);
y = sin(x);

//Plot the data using the plotControl structure
plotXY(myPlot, x, y);
I get the following message:

Line 3 in C:\ …
Undefined structure G0507 : 'plotControl myPlot'
Line 3 in C:\ …
Syntax error G0008 : 'myPlot'

However, in another GAUSS 13, the above example runs without problem.


João Nicolau

2 Answers


Most likely there is a problem with the installation. First, however, check to see what structures are defined when you start GAUSS. Open a new GAUSS session and enter:

struct -l;

This command prints a list of all structures that have been defined. In version 12 and the initial release of GAUSS 13, the plotControl structure was defined inside the kernel of GAUSS and would be defined on start-up.

If the struct -l command prints out the plotControl, plotCtlText, etc. structures, then you have an earlier version and you should next enter:

struct plotControl myPlot;

from the GAUSS command line.

If the struct -l command returns nothing, you have a more recent release.

Check your GAUSShome/src directory for a file called plotctl.sdf. This file contains the definition for the plotControl definition.

If you can find the file plotctl.sdf, run that file. Then enter:

struct plotControl myPlot;

at the GAUSS command prompt. If this is successful, then your problem is related to your installation of GAUSS not locating the plotCtl.sdf file correctly.

Post the results of this and we will get you up and running.


Thanks. It seems this is an installation problem:  after running plotctl.sdf I dint get any error message with “struct plotControl myPlot;”

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