Trouble installing single-user license

I placed my GAUSS license file in my GAUSS installation directory, but I am still getting the error 491 license expired. What should I do?

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One of the most common reasons why GAUSS will not read a license is that the user opens and saves the file with Notepad or a webmail account. The problem is that they sometimes (or Notepad ALWAYS) save the file with an extra file extension. The GAUSS license file MUST end with .lic. But these programs will save the files with a double exension, either .lic.txt or .lic.html. What can make this particularly confusing is that the Windows File Explorer will ONLY show the first file extension.

For example, if we have a license file saved as temporary.lic.txt, the Windows File Explorer will show the file name as just temporary.lic like this:

However, if we look at the third column in the image above named 'Type', we see that the file type is listed as 'Text Document'. This is because, the file is really named temporary.lic.txt. We can see the real full name of the file, by right-clicking over the file in our Windows File Explorer window and selecting 'Properties' like this:

You can resolve this by either using the 'copy' command from the Windows Command Prompt; for example:

copy mylicensefile.lic.txt mylicensefile.lic

or by downloading the license file again without opening it first. If your license file has the correct file extension, the file type column in the Windows File Explorer should report that the file is a LIC file as in this next screenshot.

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