The delrows function

I have a problem with the delrows function. The command

A = delrows(A, -1);

should simply delete the last row of matrix A. However, in Gauss 17, it gives me an error message "Error in 'delrows': element 1 of second input: '-1.000000' is invalid". Was there any change in the command syntax?

Note: it's not the problem of the A matrix. It has 26 rows, and when I write A = A[1:25,.];, it deletes the last row as it should.

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I can repeat your report and it does seem like it should be allowed. I will look further into this to find out the problem but in the mean-time, if your goal is just removing the final row, use trimr instead.

A = rndn(25,1);
A_trim = trimr(A, 0, 1);


In Gauss 16 it worked perfectly, but not in version 17. Tomorrow I'll try on my Windows PC to see whether it has the same problem (I got the error message on my Mac).

Anyways, thanks for the alternative solution!


GAUSS 17.0.5 build 4364 for Windows 64-bit contains a fix for this issue and is now available for download. Other platforms will follow.


Thanks a lot. I'm downloading it now and then I'll install it. When can I expect to be able to download the Mac version?


I would expect it to be available next week.


Thanks a lot again.

To install this new version, it seems that I have to uninstall the previous version. Does that imply that I have to request a new license file?


Please ignore my question, everything works fine with the new install. Thanks a lot for your help and I'm looking forward to the Mac version.


GAUSS version 17.0.5 for Mac is available for download as of October 18th, 2017.


Thanks a lot!

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