When I run the model, I found the following problem :

ERROR: function cannot be computed at initial parameter values

G0674 : Invalid input: NaN, INF or Missing value [eigrs.src, line 68]

Currently active call:
File eigrs.src, line 68, in eigrs
x = eigh(x);
File Maxseek.txt, line 223, in
{va,ve} = eigrs(vg);

Can you help me to solve this error?

3 Answers


This means that on line 223 of the file Maxseek.txt, your program tried to calculate the eigenvalues of a matrix with NaN's, Infinities or Missing values.

You need to find out where vg was first assigned with NaN's. This should not be too hard with the GAUSS debugger. What version of GAUSS do you have? Have you used the GAUSS debugger before?


I use a gauss 14, and I have not used a debugger gauss. what should I do? whether this relates to optmum?


  1. Set a breakpoint by clicking in the margin of the GAUSS editor to the left of the line numbers. If this was successful, you will see a red dot in the margin where you clicked.
  2. Run the file with the GAUSS debugger by using the ladybug icon on the main GAUSS toolbar. This will start the program and bring you to the debug page.
  3. Click the Debug "Go" button. It is at the far left of the GAUSS toolbar on the Debug Page. It looks like a run button with red and black dots. This will bring you to the line of your breakpoint.

In the debugger, you can hover your mouse over any variable name to get a tooltip preview of its data. You can also click on a variable and use the hot-key CTRL+E to open a floating symbol editor showing you the entire contents of the variable.

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