some question about installing library in student lite version in Mac OS

I want to install the gauss library rpb and the link of the lib is Here are the install steps from the book:

1.1 Installation

1. The file is a zipped archive file. Copy this file under the

root directory of Gauss, for example c:\gauss.

2. Unzip the file. Directories will then be created and files will be copied

over them:

target_path\dlib                        DLLs

target_path\lib library file     RPB.LCG

target_path\rpb                        readme.txt

target_path\rpb\prg                example and tutorial files

target_path\rpb\src                 source code files

target_path\src source code files

3. If the root of Gauss is c:\gauss, the installation is finished, otherwise

we have to modify the paths of the library using notepad or the LibTool.

Another way to update the library is to run Gauss, log on to the target_

path\rpb\src directory, delete the path with the command lib rpb -n

and add the path to the library with the command lib rpb -a.

1.2 Getting started

Gauss 6.0+ for Windows is required to use the RPB routines.

1.2.1 readme.txt le

The le readme.txt contains last minute information on the RPB procedures.

Please read it before using them.

1.2.2 Setup

In order to use these procedures, the  RPB library must be active. This

is done by including  RPB in the LIBRARY statement at the top of your


library rpb;

To reset global variables in subsequent executions of the program and in order

to load DLLs, the following instruction should be used:


My Gauss version is the According to the above steps, I copy the file to the corresponding location, and the result is not successful. Then I guess the reason is the path error and try to modify some file such gauss.cfg(adding " $(GAUSSDIR)/rpb/src"to the "src_path" and rpb.lib(modifying the "src\" as "rpb\src\"), the result is also unsuccessful.

2 Answers


What is the error that you get?


Here can't post photo or screenshot. Can you offer the email for the detailed information?

The error is that the source file .src can't be opened.


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