Simulation Progress indicator?


I am wondering if GAUSS 17 provides a way to show my simulation progress, like a progress bar? For a 1000 Monte Carlo experiment, it would be a good idea to show me how many experiments have been conducted.

Thank you for your help.


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Usually, you would do this with a simple print statement. Here is a simple example which illustrates the point

iters = 100;
batch_size = 30;

//Pre-allocate vector to hold
//means from each draw
results = zeros(iters, 1);

for i(1, iters, 1);
    //Draw a random normal sample of length
    //'batch_size', compute its mean
    //and store the mean in the 'results' vector
    results[i] = meanc(rndn(batch_size, 1));

    //If 'i' is evenly divisible by 10,
    //print a message
    if (i % 10 == 0);
        print "iteration "$+ntos(i);


which will print the following

iteration 10
iteration 20
iteration 30
iteration 40
iteration 50
iteration 60
iteration 70
iteration 80
iteration 90
iteration 100

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