How can I tile command window and program files vertically?

I am just starting to use version 13.  I would like to tile the command window vertically next to my program files. How can I do this?

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If you would like to either view two files side-by-side, or have two views into the same file that are side-by-side, you can do this using the "Window Menu" from the top of the "Source Page".
Split file views in GAUSS


Thank you for the answer! I checked my source page can be split vertically. But I want see the source and the command windows vertically. It was possible in old versions by tile vertically... I remember. Please let me know if you know how to.




If the "Command Window" (or "Program Input/Output Window" as it is called in GAUSS 13 is not open, you can open it by selecting "View->Program Input/Output" from the main GAUSS menu at the top of the application.

Once the "Program Input/Output Window" is open, you can relocate it to the right of the left of your program files for a vertical split, or above or below your program files.

To move the "Program Input/Output Window", click-and-drag its title bar to the location that you would like to move the window. As you move the window towards your desired location, a blue space will open up. If you let go of your mouse, the window will be dropped into the area of the blue space.
moving docwidgets in GAUSS

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