Saving large data set from gauss to excel


I am working with a matrix that has a dimension T=5478 and N=606 (where T is the number of observations and n is the number of firms).

The issue I am having is when I am saving the data into excel file after reshaping the data into panel data form: (T*N by 1), I get the error message:


Error in xlsWriteM: Could not access specified range in file: bhar1mpanel.xls [xls.src, line 337]


I tried to save the data as T by N and everything works just fine. The other option using 'csvwritem' saved the data but they were save incorrectly.

Is there anything I am missing here?

Many thanks for any help




1 Answer


The problem with your attempt to save in Excel is that .xls files have a limit of about 65,000 rows and 256 columns. If you save to a .xlsx file it should work without any problem.

As to the .csv I would imagine it has to do with line endings. What version of GAUSS are you using and are you on Windows, Linux or macOS?

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