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Hi there,

I've been using a lot of Python and R and I've gotten very used to writing a snippet of code in the "script" window, selecting it and running the selected script through a keyboard shortcut (usually ctrl+enter).

Does Gauss have this kind of functionality? I just find it tedious to have to copy and paste every single line I want to run, especially when I'm writing new code and trying to test every little piece of it over and over again.


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To run a line at a time, click anywhere in the line before the ending semi-colon and either:

  • Hit F4.
  • Right-click and select Run Current Line.

Either of those will run the current line and then advance your cursor to the next command.

To run a chunk of code (i.e. more than one line at a time), highlight the section of code and use the F4 hotkey, or right-click and select Run Selected Text

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