Installing GAUSS Applications (i.e. Optmum) on Unix cluster machines

I'm trying to run my code on Unix cluster machine using Gauss. My program uses two libraries: Maxlik and Optmum. How can I add these libraries to the libraries in the cluster machines? When I run the code I get the error message that libraries maxlik and optmum are not found.

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If you can view the GAUSS user interface and have a version 13.1 or newer, then you should use the GAUSS applications installer.

If your machine is terminal only, then copy the application module ZIP or .tar.gz file to the GAUSS installation folder and extract it there.


Thank you so much for your answer. I have Gauss 14 and I can view the Gauss interface so I can use the application installer. Could you please elaborate on how exactly I should proceed? Do I zip the two library files I need and install it as an application? Sorry for asking such basic questions but I'm very new to this...Thank you!


Don't feel bad to ask simple questions. Do not make a new ZIP file. That is more likely to cause problems. To use the GAUSS Applications installer, you need all of the contents of the GAUSS Application Module (Optmum, Maxlik, etc) in the correct locations. This is how you would have downloaded it from the Aptech website. If you cannot find this file, then you can download it again from Aptech.

The GAUSS Library files (.lcg) are really just references to source code that is in GAUSS source code files (.src). So you need to move all of the .src files AND the .lcg file as well.

To ensure that it installs quickly and without incident, I would recommend using the original ZIP file. However, since the .lcg file lists all necessary files, you could copy them over individually. But again--the Application Installer is much quicker and easier.


Ok. Thanks. I think I need to contact the administrator of the cluster machines as I think I don't have access to these files. Thank you!

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