rndKMi: Kiss+Monster

I was looking for some Information on the RNG used by rndKMi and all of the Language References (even the newest one) tells me to look at some "rndKMi Technical Notes" or at "http://www.Aptech.com/random" which both are not existent. I also tried to google Kiss+Monster which seems not to be any standard RNG. I found something for KISS and a reference to "The Monster" algorithm by Marsaglia. The Problem is that there are LOTS of Kiss Variants out there and the reference to "The Monster" seems no longer available.

So is there anyone who could help me with finding something about the implementation of KISS+Monster or some paper with explanations...?

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Here are links to a couple of relevant PDF's: rndKMi, gauss_random_number_tests

Since GAUSS version 12 the following random number generators have also been available: Mersenne-Twister 19937, Mersenne-Twister 2203, L'Ecuyer's MRG32K3A, and Wichmann-Hill.


Thanks for the two links so far. the second one is nearly what i was looking for. Hoped it would just be a little bit more detailied in the generation of the actual random numbers. Then it seems that there is no version of

1. Marsaglia, G. (2000) “The Monster, A Random Number Generator with Period over 10^2857 Times as Long as the Previously Touted Longest-period One,”
unpublished. (copied from the first link)
since its mimeo. just to bad. i really would like to know something about that "monster" RNG...

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